Southwest Detroit Population and Housing Demographics

1990 | 2000

Animation #1: Hispanic population changes from 1980 to 1990

Animation #2: Factors Contributing to Median Housing Values, Wayne County, MI, 1990


The purpose of this project is to show 1990 Census population and housing tract data for the entire Southwest Detroit Business Association trade area. Detroit, as a whole, has experienced a population decline during this duration. However, the southwest Detroit region has experienced growth in its Hispanic population. By focusing on this growing population, this project aims to discover factors or demographic characteristics that lead to growth in an otherwise declining city.

By using Census data, maps and animations that show changes in population and housing will be created to visually communicate these patterns in a unique and meaningful way. These patterns would not be easliy discerned from normal tables and static map images. Census data is readily available and can be easliy manipulated.

Why is this project relevant? In about a year, the 2000 Census data for Detroit will be available. This project can serve as a preliminary analysis to help understand changes in the 2000 population numbers. Future work on this project could easily incorporate these statistics to produce more animations. Thus, it is possible, the animations produced here may assist planners and other stakeholders in understanding changes in Detroit's population for 2010 and beyond.


Wayne County:

City of Detroit:

Southwest Detroit Business Association trade area:

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