Lake Erie
Sport Fish of Lake Erie
Life History


Sport Fish of Lake Erie


 More than 100 species of fish have been recorded as residents of Lake Erie. Approximately 81 species of fish were native to the lake.  Of the nearly 20 exotic species, most were introduced by man or immigrated to the lake through the Erie and Welland Canals.  Nine of the most popular sport fish of Lake Erie are listed here.  Their historical spawning grounds have  been degraded by damming, siltation and dredging.  Most of the sport fish population have declined due to over exploitation and environmental factors.




Stizostedion vitreum vitreum


Yellow Perch

Perca flavescens


Lake Trout

Salvelinus namaycush



Smallmouth Bass

Micropterus dolomieu



Largemouth Bass

Micropterus salmoides




White Crappie

Pomoxis annularis


Black Crappie

Pomoxis nigromaculatus


Northern Pike

Esox lucius


Esox masquinongy