Here is a copy of a Russian railroad ticket. While it is not technically for the Trans-siberian railroad, all Russian train tickets look alike.


The numbers mimic the sections of the ticket line by line, and from top to bottom.
1.    Train number
2.    Train type
3.    Departure date- day and month
4.    Departure time- always Moscow time for long-distance trains
5.    Carriage number and class
6.    Supplement fir class of ticket above plaskartny
7.    Cost for plaskartny ticket.
8.    Number of people traveling on ticket
9.    Type of passenger (adult)
10.    From/ to (Moscow to Petersburg)
11.    Bed number (014)
12.    Passport number and name
13.    Total cost of ticket(298.6 rubles. Aprx. 10 dollars)
14.    Tax and service fee
15.    Arrival date
16.    Arrival time- always Moscow time for long-distance trains (July 4th 9:57 A.M.)