Here I am with Sarah and two shoe salesmen from Tajikstan. While their families were home in Tajikstan, they could make a better living working in the Russian markets and sending the money home. One of the men had not been home for seven years.  This was their day off and they were seeing a friend off at the airport in Yekaterinburg and then returning to ------


There are three women (and one dog) here in this quartet of beds. The one of the far right is the eldest, to her left is her daughter and above her (unseen) is her granddaughter. Every summer the youngest two journey from Moscow to in order to bring their mother/grandmother back with them for the summer. Unfortunately, the eldest woman was not very friendly.
If you are going to spend some 10 days on a train, you might as well make it look like home!


Here is Zoya-- an unusually friendly woman from
 Kyrgystan. Zoya is in her 40's
and has 8 children. She was married at 16 in an
arranged set-up. Zoya had come by train from
Kyrgistan into Russia to visit one of her daughters.


<<<<<<<<<<Here I am in my "cell" on an overnight trip from Moscow to St. Petersburg.

And here is Sarah enjoying one of the many many hours of downtime along the trip