The chronological history of the Spanish language
in Mexico, Central America, and South America!

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The following map displays the history of the spread of the Spanish language throughout Latin America.
How does a language "arrive" in a particular country, you ask? We have determined the arrival of the Spanish language to correspond with the point in time when colonial forces from Spain first established permanent colonies within the country's borders.
It is important to remember that the present day political boundaries between nation-states which are displayed on this map did not exist during the time periods indicated. Therefore, while we have chosen to highlight the entire country, the Spanish language actually only arrived at the spot where the colonists established their settlement. The actual spread of the language throughout the neighboring regions of the nation-state and its assimilation into native customs would have taken place over a longer period of time.
Despite our lack of historical accuracy, we still believe that the following map is a useful "ballpark" estimate of the spread of the Spanish language throughout this region of the world. Please click on any of the countries highlighted in yellow to check out cool information on its political history.

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