The Viability of Baseball Franchises

    I would like to examine the potential for a major league baseball franchise to succeed (or fail) by looking at maps that represent various demographic data that relates to these teams' viability.  Various articles and studies on the internet have provided me with this data.

The Chronology of current major league franchises' beginnings

For this project, I will focus on these current franchises and issues in major league baseball:

* Twin Killing?
        Should the Minnesota Twins be contracted?

* Baltimore Chop?
        Should the close proxmity of the Orioles prevent baseball in the capital?

* Expos are out?
           Can baseball survive in Montreal?

* Safe at what home?
        What current U.S. city without a team would best be able to support one?

I feel it is important to note that much of my analysis is incomplete as it ignores important factors that I believe are determinants of a baseball franchises viability.  Such factors local values and the success of the baseball teams on the field.  This will be a challenge in gaining an accurate analysis of these situations.

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Scarborough Study