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Look at the results of the past ten elections, notice Alaska?  Who tends to get more votes Republicans or Democrats?  If you were a Democratic Candidate for President would you make many trips to Alaska?  Why?

Let's take a closer look at the continental U.S. during the last three elections:
                             1992                                                                   1996                                                        2000
Do you notice any patterns of support for the Democratic candidates?  Look at the Western states, do you see it now?  Do you notice any patterns of support for the Republican candidates?  Look at the Southern states do you see it now?

Here is a map of Michigan's 2000 election by county.  What patterns do you see?  Explain why so much of the state can be red (indicating more votes for the Republican party), but overall the state has more votes for the Democratic party.

 Below are a series of pictures showing the percentage of votes George Wallace won in 1968