Urban Planning 402

     For my main project I will study my own background.  I think that it would be interesting to find out about my ancestors.  My mother is 100% polish and I know that her side came from Poland.  My dad is a mix and I have no idea where all of his family came from.  I would like to find out the migration of my ancestors, as far back as I can discover.
     To do this I will talk to my family members.  Both my mother's parents are still alive so I will contact them.  My father's mom is also still alive so I will contact her. My mother has done some research herself so I will talk with her to find out information as well.  
     After learning more about Arc View, I will determine how much information to put into my final product.  Right  now I would like to have a map that shows where my current family is living and then trace a path of our ancestors locations.  I am not sure how much of the "in between" data (where parents grew up, etc) I will be able to use.
     This project will help me see where the people who have made my life possible have come from.  You think of everyone as an American but we have all come from various places all over the Earth. To probe into history is to gain a greater understanding of people in general.  It opens you to different lifestyles and eras.  I am very excited to get this project underway!

The Project is done!!!!
My project is finally finished.  I hope that you enjoy browsing the site.  I learned a great deal about my family.  I was surprised to see how much I did not now about who my family is.  I am glad that I had the opportunity to learn about them.  Although creating the site was challenging (especially the last night!) I am proud of it and myself for completing in.  Have fun looking through my site!

Time Table

October 3-9Write out survey
October 10
Work with Ming-Hui on a survey you can create and send through the Internet
October 10-16Research the background of my own family
October 17
Learn more about ArcView
October 17-23
Map out data in a form that is easy for me to sort through
October 24
Go over data with Ming-Hui
Discuss what directions I want to go in with Ming-Hui
October 25-30
Map out new timeline for rest of project
November 1-13 Gather all of data. Continue to work on web page.
November 14

Go over data with Ming-Hui, incorporate it into website.  Discuss where to go from there.

November 28
Scan photos onto website, add more data to pages.
November 29-
December 4
Continue to collect photos and information.
December 5
Continue to work on website with Ming-Hui.
December 6-11
Work on website alone.
-finish family websites
-continue to get info about my family from Europe
December 12
Decide with Ming-Hui what else I need to do to finish project.
December 12-20
Finish work on project.
December 21
Make sure project is ready to "turn in".