Teacher's Page

Educational Background

My high school education took place in Chelsea, Michigan. After graduating I moved to Key West, Florida where I spent my time studying at the community college, working, as well as enjoying the sunshine and beautiful seascape. After earning an associates degree I moved to Coral Gables and became a Hurricane (University of Miami student). There I studied history, business law, as well as many other subjects. It was also while I was in Coral Gables, Florida when I made the decision to pursue a career in teaching. I graduated in the spring of 2000 and moved back to my home state of Michigan where I enrolled in several social studies based classes at Eastern Michigan University. I am now at the University of Michigan and am very proud to call myself a Wolverine.



My Adventures Traveling

My father always told my brother and I stories of his travels when we were kids. It was like an adventure novel. He also took us on short trips here and there. Once we went spelunking in some Indiana caves. Another time we bummed around New York City for several days. We also made several trips to Northern Michigan. When I was nine, our family went to explore the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. We saw ancient Myan ruines and met people who lived lives quite different from ours. It was amazing. Ever since then I have had many opportunities to explore some far-off places. Some examples of theses were Fishing, hiking, and skiing in Montana, wandering throughout the streets of some historical European cities, and even hiking up a volcano and surfing inCosta Rica. I hope that the adventures I have had are just a taste of what is yet to come.

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