The Key to Success
Useful Study Strategies
The following suggestions will help you ensure that you are effectively using your study time.
If you find yourself saying the following, perhaps you are not studying effectively. Take the necessary measures to enhance your study skills and you will see great results.

"I study hard, but I can't remember the material"

"I read page after page in my book, but I easily forget what I read"

" Reading is boring, it takes too long, and I hate it"

The following suggestions are just that, suggestions, please click on the links below for more detailed information.

Find a good place to study.

Learn at what time of the day you study best.

Do not procrastinate.

Make sure you completely understand the homework assignment.

Do not watch television while studying - you can't do both effectively.

Play music only if it doesn't distract you

Do not give up easily. Remember, try and try again. Then try one more time.

Refer to the reading handout I provided for you.

Relax your mind and enjoy.

The following link has detailed information I think you will find interesting: