Now Let's Take a Closer Look So We Can Really See What's Going On:


Here is the world around around 1700 with French territories shown in red:



Then, here is the world in 1900:

Places that are no longer under French control but are still showing signs of heavy influence are in pink. (you'll have to excuse Canada, I need to find some way to mark only the lower eastern region).


Here it is again around 1950:

(oh my goodness, what's going on in Africa??)

To learn more about COLONIALISM, choose some of these fine links:

French colonies

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They actually had a meeting to divy up Africa

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Finally, here is what the heavily French-influenced world looked like in 1960:

What happened??

Under increasing pressure from the UN and from the US and European countries, President de Gaulle granted independence to many nations in Africa.

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