Wolf Lake Nature Trail

The Wolf Lake Nature Trail is an educational, guided tour around trail #1 (Wolf Lake trail). The purpose of the nature trail is to explore the area around the lake in deeper detail by learning the trees and shrubs that inhabit the ecosystems surrounding the lake. Trees are marked with a small sign indicating both the common and scientific name of the tree. There are a total of 30 signs, with 3 trees or shrubs marked twice. The clubhouse has brochures that were put together to accompany the trail. These brochures include information about the key characteristics to learn in becoming familiar with the specific plants, and exciting, ecological facts. Trail #1 is a very interesting and diverse trail. In completing the loop you will encounter many, very different ecosystems. These include the fire-prone eastern margin by the beach, the shrub wetland (poor fen or bog mat), hemlock-yellow birch swamps, nutrient rich drainages (Wolf Lake drainage), and the lake terrraces. After learning the trees and their ecological significance, you can begin to look at the ecosystem map and study these trees at a broader scale.

The following is the map that will be printed into the brochure upon it's completion.

This trail was made possible by contributions from the Wentz foundation. It could not have been completed without the hard work of Hugh Johnson, Harriet Wentz, and Sarita VanVleck.

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