GIS Layers Provided to the Forest Lake Club

All of the following GIS layers will be given to the Club upon completion of the project and will be stored on multiple zip disks. Unless otherwise specifically stated the projection on all layers is 1927 UTM (zone 18). If, in going over this list, you notice any other layers that you think would be useful to you, please let me know and I will find out if they are available. Also, note the link to Penn State's Pasda website, which contains many additional layers that you may find useful---keep in mind that they are most likely in a different projection system and will need to be re-projected into 1927 UTM.

1) Geology and Soils

2) Ecosystem Related Layers

3) Vegetative Layers

4) Water Resources

5) Miscellaneous

6) Layers specific to the FLC

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