Downriver Land Use/EPA Site location Maps:

The following maps were created using zoning maps from the eight task force member municipalities as well as US EPA Landview III data. The Land Use theme was created using the zoning maps as the data source and the street theme provided landmarks for accurate polygon placement. Because zoning maps were used, some of the land use areas could be classified as future use due to specific municipality zoning issues.

The purpose of these maps are to give the task force members a detailed geographical look at the Downriver area and to better understand the region as a whole. Additionally, they can be used to identify opportunities /barriers in other projects such as linked greenways and seawall collective management.


Ecorse/River Rouge

Grosse Ile




River Velocity

The Detroit River Velocity Map was created to assist task force members in identifying potential locations for soft engineering on the shoreline. Soft engineering is most successful in areas where water velocity is low. The data for this map was taken from a river velocity map that was created by the Army Corp of Engineers, Detroit Office.

Detroit River Velocity Map


Downriver Land Use 1990

Aerial Photography

Grosse Ile