Tested Sites:


The University of Michigan Map Library The largest collection of maps in the State of Michigan and one of the larger University collections in the United States. Includes an extensive list of GIS/Mapping resources on the internet

Penn State University Map Library Many on-line resources, including a CD-Rom collection, on-line digital maps, and an interactive mapping resource list

The Center for Advanced Spatial Technologies at the University of Arkansas This site not only provides local resources but is also a gateway to international sites

The University of Texas at Austin, Internet Resources for Geographers Includes links to data sets, map collections, geography programs, journals, organizations, ect.

The University of California at Santa Barbara Geography Department Includes the National Center for Geographic Information and Analysis at UCSB

The University of Wisconsin at Madison Geography Department Links to physical, human, and historical geography data

The University of Southern Maine Osher Map Library

The Center for International Earth Science Information Network Housed at Columbia University this organization has links to global data sources

University of Iowa, Public Health GIS Contains links to public health related GIS data sources

GIS Dictionary An on-line dictionary of GIS terminology, developed by the Association for Geographical Information and the University of Edinburgh

Washington State/Northwest Mapping Resources Along with other internet mapping/GIS resources


United States

Arizona Geographic Information Council An Organization established by the Governor to guide GIS development and management in Arizona

Maine Natural Resources Information and Mapping Center

Oregon Water Resources Interactive water rights mapping tool

The United States Geological Survey A bureau of the U.S. Department of the Interior, contains information on the National Mapping Program and products such as the National Atlas of the US, remotely sensed data, US Geodata

Federal Geographic Data Committee Clearinghouse system for digital geospatial data

Environmental Protection Agency Interactive environmental data, including interactive mapping programs such as Landview III and Watershed Atlas

Cultural Resources Mapping From the National Park Service, this site provides historical cultural GIS data

United States Census Bureau's Tiger Data Ordering information for Tiger Data as well as other government data and interactive GIS sites

US Census Bureau's GIS Gateway GIS internet resources

US Department of Transportation, Bureau of Transportation Statistics Transportation related GIS data

NIMA The National Imagery and Mapping Agency has lists of maps/geodata as well as internet resources


British Columbia Environmental Data

The National Atlas of Canada An interactive on-line mapping resource


GIS Day The official site of GIS Day. A collaboration between National Geographic Society, ESRI, and the Association of American Geographers to bring GIS to the classroom. Contains GIS links.

GIS in Conservation Located through Esri's main site, this page offers links to Conservation Organizations making a difference with GIS

Odden's Bookmarks Over 8200 cartographic links including categories for Maps and Atlases, Departments of Cartography and Geography, Cartographic and Geographic Societies, Sellers of Cartographic Material

Bill Thoen's GIS Notebook A guide to researching GIS on the web

ArcView and ArcInfo Resources

The National Geographic Society A selection of on-line maps along with National Geographic maps for sale

Space Imaging Includes a gallery of earth images from space, updated weekly

Northwood Geoscience A digital mapping company with free downloads for MapInfo users, including Symbol Plotter

Blue Marble Geographics A Maine company that offers free downloads including an autosave extension for ArcView GIS and The Geographic Explorer, which helps to view, translate, and find map files on the web An on-line resource for geospatial information, includes many GIS related publications

Earth Resource Mapping The producer of ER Mapper(image processing software), a GIS applications company headquartered in Perth, Western Australia

World Resource Institute Global data tables; population, economic, natural resources, pollution, and many others

ArcData ESRI's on-line mapping and data site.

ESRI's GIS Jump Station ESRI's listing of on-line GIS resources

Microsoft's Terra Server Microsoft's interactive on-line mapping system

GIS Data Depot Large catalog of global GIS data

Managed Area Database A comprehensive GIS database of managed areas in the United States, which includes National and State Parks, Recreation Areas, Indian and Military reservations, and Wildlife Refuges.

The Institute of Mathematical Geography Contains many articles and information on geographical concepts

Interactive California Earthquake Map Located at ESRI's site, this map is updated with recent earthquake activity

DRG Exchange Free exchange of USGS Digital Raster Graphics (DRGs)

Spatial News Contains links to many GIS related sites as well as GIS related job links

Population and Demography Information Huge list of on-line global sources

Geography Links Contains many general geography links, including world-wide university departments Along with GIS employment services this site includes a listing of on-line GIS resources

InfoRain Mapping and GIS data for the Pacific Northwest Rainforest, from Oregon to Alaska


Untested Sites

Demonstrations Version
USGS National Mapping Information: Home Page
Landscape Visualization main menu
Activity 7: Why Does The Earth Have Seasons?
Earth's Seasons
Resources of Scholarly Societies - Geography
Program Certificate for the Geography Department
Tellus Institute
Cel Assembler -- Download
Downloading Mapedit
Member States
European Cities
JMA Home Page
County Population Census Counts 1900-90
Spatial Information and GIS survey: background information
Trimble: GPS Mission Planning Interactive Pages
Cities Revealed
Space Imaging Eosat Web Site
Trimble Navigation Limited: The GPS Solution
Northwood Geoscience
Blue Marble Geographics' Website
Info Tech Enterprises, Inc.
AZ GIS ( GIS Solutions Group @ Application Software Technologies, Inc )
Research Systems Inc.
MPN Components Home Page
HP Technical Computing - Solutions for GIS
Arizona Geographic Information Council
ER Mapper home page

The Smithsonian Institution Home Page

The Nine Planets
Student Business - Undergraduate and Graduate
SHAREWARE.COM -- the way to find shareware on the Internet
D05G Erwerbstätigkeit
Statistik Regional
Marine Information System
Sleeping Bear Dunes NL Home Page
SI 605 (Fall 1996) Student Essays
NMJ's Art Page
Lake Michigan Lighthouses
Ceska republika
NPS Alaska GIS Instructions
NPS Alaska GIS Instructions
The Current Global Situation of the HIV/AIDS Pandemic
Web Site Garage - One Stop Shop for Servicing Your Web Site
HP DeskJet 850/855 Series & HP DeskJet 870 Series Printer Driver for Windows 3.1x & Windows 95
HP DeskJet 870Cxi printer Software
Netcom Business Center Main Menu
Congressional Award Council Addresses
Web Interface to Whois
NETCOM Business Center Main Menu
Autodesk MapGuide Web Site
Compaq Access - AtHome - HomePage
Project Gutenberg Thesaurus Copyright
U of C Network Services: Domain Name Service
City of Ann Arbor
WebCounter Pages
Web Counters and Trackers (Access Counters for Web Sites) (Free Counters; web site auditing)
David's How-To: In-line counters
Available Lines In Gif Format
SHAREWARE.COM -- the way to find shareware on the Internet
Welcome to RealAudio !
Welcome to Macromedia
Netcom Tour
Netcom Tour
Civil Engineering Department at Virginia Tech
A Brief Citation Guide for Internet Sources in History and the Humanities
IWU: Profile of Liberal Arts Majors
W.W. Norton OnCourse
Submit It!: The Web Site Promotion Tool
Submit It! The Net's Most Popular Web Site Announcement Services
Arlinghaus Enterprises, Home Page
Web Interface to Whois
Student Business - Undergraduate and Graduate
Geographical Review Home Page
PCL Map Collection
The World Factbook 1995
USPS City State / ZIP Code Associations
Web Interface to Whois
Sandra Lach Arlinghaus, Home Page
Welcome to the InterNIC
InterNIC Directory Services
International Society of Spatial Sciences
International Society of Spatial Sciences
Lake Baikal
Index of /Libs/PCL/Map_collection/Atlas_middle_east/
Finding People with Nomenclator

Institute of Mathematical Geography

Citation Guides for Electronic Documents
Institute of Mathematical Geography

Other GIS Projects Out There on the Web

Desert Tortoise Project - Topographic Engineering Center

Stream Restoration Project - Topographic Engineering Center

Assigning economic value of forest recreation - University of East Anglia

Managing Health Resources - University of East Anglia

GIS Concepts on the Web

Dasymetric Mapping (PDF) -- requires Adobe Acrobat Reader (click to download)

Delaunay Triangulation Demonstration (JAVA)

GPS Overview by Peter Dana

Pythagorean Theorem (JAVA)


Space Filling Curves (JAVA)

Fractals (JAVA)

Traveling Salesman Problem (JAVA)

Scale, Accuracy and Resolution

GIS Data on the Web

USGS Metadata

USGS Elevation data and Digital Line Graphs

Soil Data (compiled by Penn State U.)

TIGER data

EPA listing of Data on the Web

Microsoft's Terraserver

Data from ESRI

Environmental Data from British Columbia

GIS Utilities on the Web

Great Lakes Map Server

Direction finding by MapQuest

TIGER browser from Census Bureau

Free scripts from ESRI and their users

Demostrations of ESRI ArcView Internet Map Server

XGobi-ArcView link software for Multivariate Data Analysis

REGIS Web-based GIS for San Francisco Bay Area

Alexandria Digital Library

Calculator for distance between places

Miscellaneous Calculators (many non-GIS related)

Creating maps of Canada

GIS Literature Searching on the Web

OSU GIS Searchable Bibliography

Abstracts Maintained by U of South Carolina

Commercial GIS Resource Sites


GIS World


Harvard Design and Mapping


U of M Map Library's List

Canada's Geographical Names
Search for geographic names in Canada.
Census mapping from the TIGER Mapping Service
Allows you to create maps of census data on-the-fly.
Center for Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Science, Michigan State University
GIS center at Michigan State University.
Charles Booth's Descriptive Map of London Poverty - 1889
CIA World Factbook
Provides brief information about a country's population, ethnicity, politics, and economics
Current Geographical Publications
DDViewer from CIESIN
Permits mapping of census data at county, tract, and block group level using 1990 data and boundaries.
Geographic Names Information System (GNIS)
Contains information about almost 2 million physical and cultural geographic features in the United States.
Geographical Resources and Maps
"National and international information" and "maps and GIS" links from the Michigan Electronic Library.
GEOnet Names Server
The GEOnet Names Server (GNS) provides access to the National Imagery and Mapping Agency's (formerly Defense Mapping Agency) database of foreign geographic feature names.
Human Relations Area Files
Human Relations Area Files is a consortium of educational, research, and cultural organizations, and government agencies; its mission is to encourage and facilitate the study of human culture, society, and behavior.
Map Projections
Introduction, explanation, and image-examples of map projections
National Atlas of the United States
National High Altitude Photography and National Aerial Photography Program
Natural Resources Canada
Information on topographic, aeronautical and thematic maps, and digital topographic data produced by the Canadian government.
Odden's Bookmarks
Humongous listing of geography sites from around the world.
Sanborn and Other Fire Insurance Maps
Information about Sanborn and other fire insurance maps and where to buy them.
Southeast Michigan Council of Governments - regional planning information, data and information for ordering regional aerial photographs
USDA Farm Service Agency Aerial Photographs
How to order aerial photographs for the United States.
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service National Wetlands Inventory
U. S. Geological Survey
US Government agency responsible for earth science research and information dissemination, including topographic, geologic, and wetlands mapping.
United States Postal Service
ZIP+4 Lookup, City/State/ZIP Code Lookup, State Abbreviations, Street Suffix Abbreviations.
University of Texas Map Collection
Numerous, global maps scanned from CIA publications, as well as a good list of other maps. Especially strong collection of world city maps. Also includes several guides on maps, tides, projections, and bibliographies.

Maps of Michigan

Michigan Geography in General