Triangulated Irregular Network (TIN)

    According to ESRI a TIN is "a data structure composed of two elements: points with x,y,z values, and a series of edges joining these points to form triangles.  The triangular mosaic forms a continuous faceted surface, much like a jewel."  This faceted surface is clearly present in the TIN of the Western Basin of Lake Erie.  Although this faceting my be contrary to the actual lake basin morphology, it serves as a useful tool in visualizing the topographic expressions in the lake basins. Inconjuction with each TIN there is a cross section of the lake basin.  These cross sections incorporate vertical exaggeration due to the extreme differences between the vertical and horizontal scales.  Vertical exaggeration is defined as horizontal scale/vertical scale.  Arc View computed the vertical exaggeration for each representation and it appears that it has used vertical scale/ horizontal scale,  the viewer should note this. 

Lake Erie Lake Michigan
Western Basin Whitefish Fan
Long Point Erie Channel Mid Lake Plateau
Eastern Basin Mackinac Channel