Deer Pellet Densities for the years 1959 - 1994
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Localization of deer density (as judged by pellet density) around the Watersmeet District. Note rather high pellet density is cocentratred in one large area.
Deer drop in deer pellet density. 

Relatively low 

populations persist  

throughout the Ottawa  

National Forest.

Populations are still relatively low, as judged by pellet density. 


Things are starting to pick up around the northern part of the Ottawa NF.

Deer density peaks 

around the edges of the 

Watersmeet RD. Highest densities recorded for this series of time frames. Two separate populations of deer form.

Three separate 

concentrations of 

populations start to  

develop, envelopping  

the Ottawa National  


The three previously 

present groupings of 

deer weaken in their 

density and enclosure  

around the Watersmeet  


The dramatic change in 

intensity and range of  

deer is evidenced by the 

larger concentrations of 

higher pellet densities.

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