The E. S. George Reserve is located about 30 miles northwest of Ann Arbor, in Livingston County, Michigan. It lies at approximately 42° 28' N, 84° 00' W.

It sits at the western edge of the Jackson Interlobate Region of Michigan Landscape Ecosystems. This region corresponds to the northern and western portions of the raised topography underneath the ESGR and Ann Arbor that stretches from the southwest to the northeast on the map. The Reserve contains about 1500 acres of ice-contact physiography: kettles, kames, and an esker intermixed with flat plateau-like sections.

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 Base map V2.2 Michigan Shaded Relief Map. Copyright Ray Sterner, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory.

To see the original map and a fantastic storehouse of state maps, consult the Color Landform Atlas of the United States.

Dunrie Greiling,
Department of Biology,
University of Michigan