Land Use Change in Washtenaw County, MI

Stacey Schulte

NRE 530, Fall 1999

Washtenaw County in Southeast Michigan, is a county experiencing rapid growth. The following maps and charts have been created to visually demonstrate the change in land use that has occured in the county from 1985-1995. The layers were created using ArcView and digital maps from 1985, 1990 and 1995. The original layers were compiled by the Southeast Michigan Regional Council of Governments (SEMCOG) using aerial photos.

This project is being done to assist a master's project at the University of Michigan School of Natural Resources and Environment. The project is examing the causes and consequences of growth in Washtenaw County. For more information please email or call 734-936-2542.

Click on the topics below to see detailed analysis of county land use.

- Lost Open Space (map)
- "New" Open Space (map)
- Change in Open Space in Acres (chart)
- Explaination of Classification System
- Land Use in 1995 (map)
- Change in 9 Land Use Categories (chart)
- "Future" Land Use Distribution (map)
- "Future" Land Use in Acres (chart)
- Masterplans of Four Townships (map)
- Acres of Agricultural Land Lost (chart)
- Agricultural Land Lost to Residential Development (map)
-Washtenaw County Government
- Southeast Michigan Regional Council of Governments
- Change in Acres of Residential Land (map)
- Percent Change in Residential Land Use (chart)
- Change in Residential Land Distribution (map)
- Change in Housing Types (chart)
- Distribution of Housing Types (map)
- Change in Single Family Housing (map)

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