Examining the Management of
Belize Audubon Society's Protected Areas,
Belize, Central America

Organizational Management

The organization's original mission focused primarily on environmental education initiatives designed to raise public awareness about natural resource issues and promote stewardship of these resources. After Belize gained independence in 1981, BASí role began to change significantly.  The organization became an active participant in the national policy-formation process and members/staff were able to exert considerable influence during the creation of numerous protected areas throughout the country.  Since the mid 1980s, BAS has managed several of these protected areas for the Government of Belize, and the organization has recently added an advocacy programs to its efforts.

Today BAS employs more than 30 staff members.  These staff work primarily in one of three programs:  advocacy, environmental education and protected-areas management.  Each of these programs support the organization's mission and are a crucial component in promoting conservation throughout the country.

This project will evaluate the key issues associated with management of the organization, such as the threat of new entrants and the constraints imposed by a limited budget, and offer recommendations for future management.