Examining the Management of
Belize Audubon Society's Protected Areas,
Belize, Central America

Environmental Education

One of BAS' three main program areas, the environmental education program promotes an appreciation of the beauty and value of nature in order to conserve biological diversity.  Communities surrounding the protected areas a major target of the program and staff members use informal lectures, slides and films to educate community members.  Protected-area visitors, such as school groups and tourists, are also educated through the use of interpretive exhibits and signs along trails.

Interpretive Exhibit at Guanacaste National Park

In addition to on-site environmental education program, BAS staff members travel to public schools throughout Belize.  During school visits, staff members use slides, live animals and environmental education curriculums to highlight the importance of biodiversity conservation.

An Environmental Education Curriculum
Although wardens are more easily able to visit schools in the buffer-zone communities, attempts are made to visit schools throughout Belize to raise the ecological awareness of all Belizean children.