Deforestation By Surface Area: Three Snapshots


Image 1: 1943

Image 2: 1978

Image 3: 1990



Source: Forest Planning Institute of Viet Nam, Ha Noi (1990)


 Deforestation by Surface Area (Movie-gear)

This map is an animated version of the map above. The timing between frame 1 and frame 2 as well as frame 2 and frame 3 is proportional to the number of years which have elapsed between maps (35 years and 12 years respectively). The timing between frame 3 and frame 1 is set slightly longer in order to more clearly see the loss of forest cover.



ChartObject Deforestation Rates by Region


1= 1943

2= 1975

3= 1983

4= 1990


 This map is colored according to the data above. Differences in tone were calculated and then mixed in Photoshop.



To make the changing deforestation rates clearer, the same map is color coded as follows:

Red= 50%, Orange= 40%, Yellow= 30%, Green= 20%, Blue= 10%


Mini-Paper on the Causes and Myths Behind Deforestation