"Biology, then, is the science that stands at the centre of all science. It is the science most directly aimed at science's major goal and most definitive of that goal. And it is here, in the field where all the principles of all the sciences are embodied, that science can truly become unified."

Simpson, G.G.


A Biology Unit for High School Students


The introducton gives a description of the driving question that aims at engaging the students interest in the unit. It contains a description of the unit and explains the important concepts and skills the students are expected to learn. It also points out why students should learn this material and how it relates to specific National Science Educational Standards.


Lesson Plans:

There are four detailed lesson plans about the unit. These creative lesson plans motivate and inspire students to be active learners. They include an introduction to the unit, POE demonstration, student investigation, and lab activities.


Assessment Plan:

A disscussion of how the students will assess what they have learned.


Technology Plan:

A discussion of what types of technology will be integrated into the unit.


Diversity Plan:

A discussion on how to meet the needs of all students.