Date Admitted:  1848 (30th) 
Capital:  Madison 
Largest City:  Milwaukee  
Population: 5,169,677 
State Song:  "On, Wisconsin" 
State Bird:  Robin 
State Tree:  Sugar Maple 
State Flower: Wood Violet 
Nickname:  The Badger State 
State Constitution:  WI Constitution 
Official State Web Page:  Wisconsin 
Department of Education:  Schools 
Electronic Library:  Wisconsin 

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History and Community 
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            Adopted in 1913 
           Amended in 1979 

Elected Officials  
        Tommy Thompson 
        Russell Feingold 
        Herb Kohl 
        Mark Neumann -- 1st District  
        Scott Klug -- 2nd District  
        Ron Kind -- 3rd District  
        Gerald Kleczka -- 4th District  
        Thomas Barrett  -- 5th District 
        Thomas Petri -- 6th District 
        David Obey -- 7th District 
        Jay Johnson -- 8th District 
        F. James Sensenbrenner, Jr. 
                                 --9th District