"Bye and Bye" 
            "Hope for the Future"

Date Admitted:  1889 (42nd) 
Capital:  Olympia 
Largest City:  Seattle 
Population:  5,610,362 
State Song:  "Washington, My Home" 
State Bird:  American Goldfinch 
State Tree:  Western Hemlock 
State Flower:  Coastal Rhododendron 
Nickname:  The Evergreen State 
State Constitution:  Washington Constitution  
Official State Web Page:  Washington 
Department of Education:  Schools 
Electronic Library:  Washington 

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            Adopted in 1889  

Elected Officials  
        Gary Locke 
        Slade Gorton 
        Patty Murray 
        Rick White--1st District  
        Jack Metcalf--2nd District  
        Linda Smith--3rd District  
        Doc Hastings--4th District  
        George Nethercutt, Jr.--5th District 
        Norman Dicks--6th District 
        Jim McDermott--7th District 
        Jennifer Dunn--8th District 
        Adam Smith--9th District