"Sic semper tyrannis"  
        "Thus Always  to Tyrants"

Date Admitted:  1788 (10th) 
Capital:  Richmond 
Largest City:  Virginia Beach 
Population:  6,733,996 
State Song:  
"Carry Me Back to Old Virginny" 
State Bird:  Cardinal 
State Tree:  Dogwood 
State Flower:  Blossom of Flowering Dogwood 
Nickname:  The Old Dominion State 
State Constitution:  Virginia Constitution 
Official State Web Page:  Virginia 
Department of Education:  Schools 
Electronic Library:  Virginia 

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            Adopted in 1861 

Elected Officials  
        James S. Gilmore 
        Chuck Robb 
        John Warner 
        Herbert Bateman-- 1st District  
        Owen Pickett-- 2nd District  
        Robert Scott-- 3rd District  
        Norman Sisisky-- 4th District  
        Virgil Goode-- 5th District 
        Bob Goodlatte-- 6th District 
        Tom Bililey-- 7th District 
        James Moran-- 8th District 
        Rick Boucher-- 9th District 
        Frank Wolf-- 10th District 
        Thomas Davis-- 11th District