Date Admitted:  1845 (28th) 
Capital:  Austin 
Largest City:  Houston  
Population:  19,439,337 
State Song:  "Texas, Our Texas" 
State Bird:  Mockingbird 
State Tree:  Pecan 
State Flower:  Bluebonnet 
Nickname:  The Lone Star State 
State Constitution:  Texas Constitution 
Official State Web Page:  Texas 
Department of Education:  Schools 
Electronic Library:  Texas 

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            Adopted in 1839 

Elected Officials  
        George W. Bush 
        Phil Gramm 
        Kay Bailey Hutchison 
        Max Sandlin--1st District  
        Jim Turner--2nd District  
        Sam Johnson--3rd District  
        Ralph Hall--4th District  
        Pete Sessions--5th District 
        Joe Barton--6th District 
        Bill Archer--7th District 
        Kevin Brady--8th District 
        Nick Lampson--9th District 
        Lloyd Doggett--10th District 
        Chet Edwards--11th District 
        Kay Granger--12th District 
        William Thornberry--13th District 
        Ron Paul--14th District 
        Ruben Hinojosa--15th District 
        Silvestre Reyes--16th District 
        Charles Stenholm--17th District 
        Sheila Jackson-Lee--18th District 
        Larry Combest--19th District 
        Henry Gonzalez--20th District 
        Lamar Smith--21st District 
        Tom DeLay--22nd District 
        Henry Bonilla--23rd District 
        Martin Frost--24th District 
        Ken Bentsen--25th District 
        Richard Armey--26th District 
        Solomon Ortiz--27th District 
        Ciro Rodriguez--28th District 
        Gene Green--29th District 
        Eddie Johnson--30th District