"Virtue, Liberty, and Independence"

Date Admitted:  1787 (2nd) 
Capital:  Harrisburg 
Largest City:  Philadelphia 
Population:  12,019,661 
State Song:  "Pennsylvania" 
State Bird:  Ruffed Grouse 
State Tree:  Eastern Hemlock 
State Flower:  Mountain Laurel 
Nickname:  The Keystone State 
State Constitution:  Pennsylvania Constitution 
Official State Web Page:  Pennsylvania 
Department of Education:  Schools 
Electronic Library:  Pennsylvania 

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            Adopted in 1907 

Elected Officials  
        Tom Ridge 
        Rick Santorum 
        Arlan Specter 
        Robert Brady--1st District  
        Chaka Fattah--2nd District  
        Robert Borski--3rd District  
        Ron Klink--4th District  
        John Peterson--5th District 
        Tim Holden--6th District 
        Curt Weldon--7th District 
        James Greenwood--8th District 
        Bud Shuster--9th District 
        Joseph McDade--10th District 
        Paul Kanjorski--11th District 
        John Murtha--12th District 
        John Fox--13th District 
        William Coyne--14th District 
        Paul McHale--15th District 
        Joseph Pitts--16th District 
        George Gekas--17th District 
        Michael Doyle--18th District 
        William Goodling--19th District 
        Frank Mascara--20th District 
        Phil English--21st District