"Labor omnia vincit"  
      "Labor Conquers All Things"

Date Admitted:  1907 (46th) 
Capital:  Oklahoma City 
Largest City:  Oklahoma City 
Population:  3,317,091 
State Song:  "Oklahoma" 
State Bird:  Scissor-tailed Flycatcher 
State Tree:  Eastern Redbud 
State Flower:  Mistletoe 
Nickname:  The Sooner State 
State Constitution:  Oklahoma Constitution 
Official State Web Page:  Oklahoma 
Department of Education:  Schools 
Electronic Library:  Oklahoma  

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            Adopted in 1925 
            Amended in 1941 
            Amended in 1988 

Elected Officials  
        Frank Keating 
        James Inhofe 
        Don Nickles 
        Steve Largent -- 1st District  
        Tom Coburn -- 2nd District  
        Wes Watkins -- 3rd District  
        J.C. Watts, Jr. -- 4th District  
        Ernest J. Istook, Jr. -- 5th District 
        Frank Lucas -- 6th District