"Esse quam videri"  
     "To Be Rather than to Seem"

Date Admitted:  1789 (12th) 
Capital:  Raleigh  
Largest City:  Charlotte 
Population: 7,425,183 
State Song:  "The Old North State" 
State Bird:  Cardinal  
State Tree:  Southern Pine 
State Flower:  Dogwood 
Nickname:  The Tarheel State 
State Constitution:  NC Constitution 
Official State Web Page:  North Carolina 
Department of Education:  Schools 
Electronic Library:  North Carolina 

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            Adopted in 1885 

Elected Officials  
        Jim Hunt 
        Lauch Faircloth 
        Jesse Helms 
        Eva Clayton -- 1st District  
        Bob Etheridge -- 2nd District 
        Walter Jones -- 3rd District  
        David Price -- 4th District  
        Richard Burr -- 5th District 
        Howard Coble -- 6th District 
        Mike McIntyre -- 7th District 
        W.G. (Bill) Hefner -- 8th District 
        Sue Wilkins Myrick -- 9th District 
        Cass Ballenger -- 10th District 
        Charles Taylor -- 11th District 
        Melvin Watt -- 12th District