"L'Etoile du Nord"  
            "The Star of the North"

Date Admitted:  1858 (32nd) 
Capital:  St. Paul 
Largest City:  Minneapolis 
Population:  4,685,549 
State Song:  "Hail!  Minnesota" 
State Bird:  Common Loon 
State Tree:  Red Pine 
State Flower:  Lady's Slipper 
Nickname:  The North Star State 
State Constitution:  Adopted in 1857 
Official State Web Page:  Minnesota 
Department of Education:  Schools 
Electronic Library:  MN 

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            Adopted in 1893 
           Amended in 1957 

Elected Officials  
        Arne Carlson 
        Rod Grams 
        Paul Wellstone 
        Gil Gutknecht -- 1st District  
        David Minge -- 2nd District  
        Jim Ramstad -- 3rd District  
        Bruce Vento -- 4th District 
        Martin Sabo -- 5th District 
        Bill Luther -- 6th District 
        Collin Peterson -- 7th District 
        James Oberstar -- 8th District