"Si quaeris peninsulam amoena, circumspice."  
"If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look around." 


Date Admitted: 1837 (26th) 
Largest City:  Detroit 
Population:  9,773,892 
State Song:  "My Michigan"  Lyrics 
State BirdRobin 
State Tree:  White Pine 
State Flower:  Apple Blossom 
Nickname:  The Wolverine State 
State Constitution:  Adopted in 1963 
Official State Web Page:  Michigan 
Department of Education:  Schools 
Electronic Library:  Michigan 
University of Michigan LibraryUM 

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News and Media  
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Travel and Tourism  
   Visit Michigan 
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   Michigan Traveler's Companion 
   Northern Michigan Connection 
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      Tourist Council 
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History and Community 
   Arts Foundation of Michigan 
   Michigan Land Conservancies 
      and Nature Centers 
   Hiawatha National Forest 
   Ottawa National Forest 
   Sleeping Bear Dunes National  
   Huron-Manistee National Forest 
   Nordhouse Dunes Wilderness 
   Isle Royale National Park Official 
   Michigan State Parks Index 
   State Archives of Michigan 
   Michigan in the Civil War 
   Michigan Comnet 


           Michigan State Flag  
           Adopted in 1911 

Elected Officials 
       John Engler 
       Spencer Abraham 
       Carl Levin 
       Bart Stupak--1st District 
       Peter Hoekstra--2nd District 
       Vernon J. Ehlers--3rd District 
       Dave Camp--4th District 
       James A. Barcia--5th District 
       Fred Upton--6th District 
       Nick Smith--7th District 
       Debbie Stabenow--8th District 
       Dale E. Kildee--9th District 
       David E. Bonior--10th District 
       Joe Knollenberg--11th District 
       Sander M. Levin--12th District 
       Lynn N. Rivers--13th District 
       John Conyers, Jr.--14th District 
       Carolyn Kilpatrick--15th District 
       John D. Dingell--16th District