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Date Admitted:  1820 (23rd) 
Capital:  Augusta 
Largest City:  Portland 
Population: 1,242,051 
State Song:  "State of Maine Song" 
State Bird:  Chickadee 
State Tree:  Eastern White Pine 
State Flower:  White Pine Cone and Tassel 
Nickname:  The Pine Tree State 
State Constitution:  Maine Constitution 
Official State Web Page:  Maine 
Department of Education:  Schools 
Electronic Library:  Maine 

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News and Media 
   Bayview Review 
   Fisherman's Voice 
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   Destination: Maine 
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   Maine Resource Guide 
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   Quoddy Loop 
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History and Community 
   Maine State Archives 
   Old York Historical Society 
   Maine Arts Commission 
   1998 Maine Fall Foliage 
   Maine Audubon Society 
   Maine Parks 
   Acadia National Park 
   National Park Outdoor 
      Activities Center 
   Maine Bureau of Parks 

            Adopted in 1909 

Elected Officials  
        Angus King, Jr. 
        Susan Collins 
        Olympia Snowe 
        Thomas Allen--1st District  
        John Baldacci--2nd District