"Union, Justice, and Confidence"

Date Admitted:  1812 (18th) 
Capital:  Baton Rouge 
Largest City:  New Orleans 
Population:  4,351,769 
State Song:  "Give Me Louisiana" 
                    "You Are My Sunshine" 
State Bird:  Brown Pelican 
State Tree:  Cypress 
State Flower:  Magnolia 
Nickname:  The Pelican State 
                     The Bayou State 
State Constitution:  Adopted in 1898 
Official State Web Page:  Louisiana 
Department of Education:  Schools 
Electronic Library:  Louisiana 

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            Adopted in 1912 

Elected Officials  
        M.J. Mike Foster, Jr. 
        John Breaux 
        Mary Landrieu 
        Bob Livingston -- 1st District  
        William Jefferson -- 2nd District  
        W.J. (Billy) Tauzin -- 3rd District  
        Jim McCrery -- 4th District  
        John Cooksey -- 5th District 
        Richard Baker -- 6th District 
        Christopher John -- 7th District