"United We Stand, Divided We Fall"

Date Admitted:  1792 (15th) 
Capital:  Frankfort 
Largest City:  Louisville 
Population:  3,908,124 
State Song:  "My Old Kentucky Home" 
State Bird:  Kentucky Cardinal 
State Tree:  Coffee Tree 
State Flower: Goldenrod 
Nickname:  The Blue Grass State 
State Constitution:  Adopted in 1891 
Official State Web Page:  Kentucky 
Department of Education:  Schools 
Electronic Library:  Kentucky 

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News and Media 
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   Kentucky Post 
   Kentucky Weather 

Travel and Tourism 
   Kentucky Tourism Council 
   Kentucky's Western Waterland 
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   Northern Kentucky Convention 
      and Visitors Bureau 
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History and Community 
   Kentucky Coal Mining History 
   Scopes 'Monkey Trial' 
   Sons of Confederate Veterans 
   Kentucky Humanities Council 
   Kentucky Fish & Wildlife  
   Mammoth Cave National Park 
   Daniel Boone National Forest 
   Red River Gorge Geological Area 

           Adopted in 1918 
           Amended in 1928  
           Amended in 1962 

Elected Officials  
        Paul Patton 
       Wendell Ford 
       Mitch McConnell 
        Ed Whitfield -- 1st District  
        Ron Lewis -- 2nd District  
        Anne Northup -- 3rd District  
        Jum Bunning -- 4th District  
        Harold Rogers -- 5th District 
        Scotty Baesler -- 6th District