"Ad astra per aspera"  
"To the Stars Through Difficulties"

Date Admitted:  1861 (34th) 
Capital:  Topeka 
Largest City:  Wichita 
Population: 2,594,840 
State Song:  "Home on the Range" 
State Bird:  Western Meadowlark 
State Tree:  Cottonwood 
State Flower:  Sunflower 
Nickname:  The Sunflower State 
State Constitution:  Kansas Constitution 
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Electronic Library:  Kansas 

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            Adopted in 1927 

Elected Officials  
        Bill Graves 
        Sam Brownback 
        Pat Roberts 
        Jerry Moran -- 1st District  
        Jim Ryun -- 2nd District  
        Vicnce Snowbarger -- 3rd District  
        Todd Tiahrt -- 4th District