"The Crossroads of America"

Date Admitted:  1816 (19th) 
Capital:  Indianapolis 
Largest City:  Indianapolis 
Population:  5,864,108 
State Song:  
            "On the Banks of the Wabash" 
State Bird:  Cardianal 
State Tree:  Tuliptree 
State Flower: Peony 
Nickname:  The Hoosier State 
State Constitution:  Adopted in 1851 
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            Adopted in 1917 

Elected Officials  
        Frank O'Bannon 
        Dan Coats 
        Richard Lugar 
        Peter Visclosky--1st District  
        David McIntosh--2nd District  
        Tim Roemer--3rd District  
        Mark Souder--4th District  
        Stephen Buyer--5th District 
        Dan Burton--6th District 
        Edward Pease--7th District 
        John Hostettler--8th District 
        Lee Hamilton--9th District 
        Julia Carson--10th District