"Esto Perpetua" 
       "Let it be perpetual"

Date Admitted:  1890 (43rd) 
Capital:  Boise 
Largest City:  Boise 
Population:  1,210,232 
State Song:  "Here We Have Idaho" 
State Bird:  Mountain Bluebird 
State Tree:  Western White Pine 
State Flower:  Syringa 
Nickname:  The Gem State 
State Constitution:  Adopted in 1890 
Official State Web Page:  Idaho 
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Electronic Library:  Idaho 

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            Adopted in 1907 

Elected Officials  
        Philip Batt 
        Larry Craig 
        Dirk Kempthorne 
        Helen Chenoweth--1st District  
        Michael Crapo--2nd District