"Qui transtulit sustinet"  
     "He who transplanted us still sustains us"

Date Admitted:  1788 (5th) 
Capital:  Hartford 
Largest City:  Bridgeport 
Population:  3,269,858 
State Song:  "Yankee Doodle" 
State Bird:  Robin 
State Tree:  White Oak 
State Flower:  Mountain Laurel 
Nickname:  Constitution State 
                    Provision State 
                    Nutmeg State 
State Constitution:  Connecticut Constitution 
Official State Web Page:  Connecticut 
Department of Education:  Schools 
Electronic Library:  Connecticut 

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News and Media 
    The Hartford Courant 
    Connecticut Magazine 
    Connecticut Weather 
    Hometown Publications 
    Connecticut Public Broadcasting 

Travel and Tourism 
    Connecticut: The West Side  
    CT Central 
    Connecticut, USA 
    Visit Connecticut 
History and Community 
    Connecticut Information 
    Connecticut Women's Hall of Fame 


            Adopted in 1897 

Elected Officials  
        James G. Rowland 
        Christopher Dodd 
        Joseph Lieberman 
        Barbara B. Kennelly -- 1st District 
        Sam Gejdenson -- 2nd District 
        Rosa L. DeLauro -- 3rd District 
        Christopher Shays -- 4th District 
        James H. Maloney -- 5th District 
        Nancy L. Johnson -- 6th District