Date Admitted:  1850 (31st) 
Capital:  Sacramento 
Largest City:  Los Angeles 
Population:  32,268,301 
State Song:  "I Love You California" 
State Bird:  California Valley Quail 
                     (California Partridge) 
State Tree:  Giant Sequoyah 
                     California Redwood 
State Flower: Golden Poppy 
Nickname:  The Golden State 
State Constitution:  California  
Official State Web Page:  California 
Department of Education: Schools 
Electronic Library:  California 

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            Adopted in 1911 

Elected Officials  
        Pete Wilson 
        Barbara Boxer 
        Dianne Feinstein 
        Frank Riggs -- 1st District 
        Wally Herger -- 2nd District 
        Vic Fazio -- 3rd District 
        John T. Doolittle -- 4th District 
        Robert Matsui -- 5th District 
        Lynn Woolsey -- 6th District 
        George Miller -- 7th District 
        Nancy Pelosi -- 8th District 
        Barbara Lee -- 9th District 
        Ellen Tauscher -- 10th District 
        Richard Pombo -- 11th District 
        Tom Lantos -- 12th District 
        Pete Stark -- 13th District 
        Anna Eshoo -- 14th District 
        Tom Campbell -- 15th District 
        Zoe Lofgren -- 16th District 
        Sam Farr -- 17th District 
        Gary Condit -- 18th District 
        George P. Radinovich. -- 19th District 
        Cal Dooley -- 20th District 
        Bill Thomas -- 21st District 
        Lois Capps -- 22nd District 
        Elton Gallegy -- 23rd District 
        Brad Sherman -- 24th District 
        Buck McKeon -- 25th District 
        Howard L. Berman -- 26th District 
        James Rogan -- 27th District 
        David Dreier -- 28th District 
        Henry Waxman -- 29th District 
        Xavier Becerra -- 30th District 
        Matthew Martinez -- 31st District 
        Julian Dixon -- 32nd District 
        Lucille Royval-Allard -- 33rd District 
        Esteban Edward Torres -- 34th District 
        Maxine Waters -- 35th District 
        Jane Harman -- 36th District 
        Juanita Millender-McDonald -- 
           37th District 
        Stephen Horn -- 38th District 
        Ed Royce -- 39th District 
        Jerry Lewis -- 40th District 
        Jay Kim -- 41st District 
        George E. Brown, Jr. -- 42nd District 
        Ken Calvert -- 43rd District 
        Mary Bono -- 44th District 
        Dana Rohrabacher -- 45th District 
        Loretta Sanchez  -- 46th District 
        Christopher Cox -- 47th District  
        Ron Packard -- 48th District 
        Brian Bilbray -- 49th District 
        Bob Filner -- 50th District 
        Randy "Duke" Cunningham -- 
           51st District 
        Duncan Hunter -- 52nd District