"North to the Future"

Date Admitted:  1959 (49th) 
Capital:  Juneau 
Largest City: Anchorage  
Population:  609,311 
State Song:  "Alaska's Flag" 
State Bird:  Willow Ptarmigan 
State Tree:  Sitka Spruce 
State Flower: Forget-me-not 
Nickname:  Land of the Midnight Sun 
State Constitution:   Adopted in 1959 
Official State Web Page:  Alaska 
Department of Education:  Schools 
Electronic Library:  Alaska 

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News and Media 
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History and Community 
       Alaska People 
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       Major Events in Alaska's History 
       Moments in History 
       Prehistory of Alaska 


            Adopted in 1927 

Elected Officials  
        Tony Knowles 

        Ted Stevens 
        Frank Murkowski 

        Don Young -- At Large