"Audemus jura nostra defendere"  
         "We Dare Defend Our Rights"

Date Admitted:  1829 (22nd) 
Capital:  Montgomery 
Largest City: Birmingham  
Population:  4,319,154 
State Song:  "Alabama"Lyrics  
State Bird:  Yellow Hammer 
State Tree:  Southern Pine 
State Flower: Goldenrod 
Nickname:  The Heart of Dixie 
State Constitution:  Adopted in 1901 
Official State Web Page:  Alabama 
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Electronic Library:  Alabama 

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            Adopted in 1895 

Elected Officials  
        Fob James, Jr. 
        Richard C. Shelby 
        Jeff Sessions 
        Sonny Callahan -- 1st District 
        Terry Everett -- 2nd District  
        Bob Riley -- 3rd District 
        Robert Aderholt -- 4th District 
        Bud Cramer -- 5th District 
        Spencer Bachus  --  6th District 
        Earl Hilliard -- 7th District