West Quadrangle

Cambridge House

541 Thompson
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1360
General Information:  (734) 764-0185
Facsimile:  (734) 936-3153

Location:  Central Campus

Meal Serving Unit:  Yes  (West Quad)

Extended Hours:  Yes (West Quad)

Breakfast Served:  Yes  (West Quad)

Resident Population and Composition:
West Quadrangle: Approximately 1,000 students:
Coed, 1 Upperclass level and Graduate House, 45% First-year

Resident Staff Size, Composition, Special Features:
West Quadrangle: 5 Resident Directors, 30 Resident Advisors, 1 Head Librarian, 1 Minority Peer Advisor, 1 Resident Computer Systems Consultant.

Student Government/House Council/Minority Councils:
A'subuhi Minority Council (includes West Quadrangle, Barbour and Newberry)
9 House Councils: 2 all houses (B/N Council and WQBN Council)
Annual budgets range from $2000 - $5000, depending upon individual house dues (voted upon by residents).

Special Facilities:
West Quadrangle: Dry cleaning service, library, music practice rooms, Ostafin Room, hotel rooms in Cambridge House.
Cambridge House: Hotel room-like accommodations, elevator service, TVs with cable available in each room for a small rental fee, private bathrooms.

Special Corridor/House Arrangements:
Adams House: All male, 1 smoking floor
Cambridge House: Graduate students; junior and senior students eligible for shared room, several smoking rooms.
Chicago House: 1 smoking floor
Lloyd House: 1 substance-free corridor
Michigan House: 1 coed-by-room floor
Rumsey House: 1 substance-free corridor
Wenley House: 1 substance-free corridor
Williams House: 1 coed-by-room floor
Winchell House: 1 substance-free corridor

Academic Programs:
Academic advisor available 2 days per week in West Quad

Micro-Computer Cluster:
West Quadrangle: 24 work stations: 4 Zenith; 1 Zenith Epson; 1 Laserwriter; 6 Imagewriters

Study Space Description:
Most houses have at least 1 common lounge for studying, relaxation, or TV; large study area in West Quadrangle; libraries.

Meeting Space:
3 public use rooms with reservation & clearance through CORE's office (at least four weeks in advance).

Public Area Space:
Large lounge, concourse with vending machines, laundry facilities, pinball area.

Special Programs/Opportunities:
Work available at Front Desk, Dining Services and Facilities.

Professional Staff in Building:
On-site Dining Services, Facilities Managers, and Coordinator of Residence Education.  Residence Hall staff consists of: Office Coordinator, secretary, desk clerk, 48 resident staff, and 25 student temporary employees.

West Quadrangle was completed in 1939 at a  cost of $1.8 million.  The living-learning programs that exist on the U-M campus today started in West Quad as part of an educational treatise entitled the Michigan House Plan.  West Quad was designed not only to provide room and board, but to serve as an environment supportive of personal, social, and academic growth.  Allen-Rumsey House, named after the co-founders of the City of Ann Arbor, was the first West Quad house built and situated adjacent to the Michigan Union.  Shortly after its construction, the University Regents decided to build the rest of West Quad as part of the Works Progress Administration (WPA).  West Quad is a fireproof construction with each house set apart from the next by firewalls - the only connection between the houses is located on the ground level.  The second all-male residence hall on campus, West Quad became co-educational in 1969.

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