Stockwell Hall

324 Observatory
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2040
General Information:  (734) 764-1193
Facsimile:  (734) 936-2753

Location:  Hill Area

Meal Serving Unit:  Yes

Breakfast Served:  Yes

Resident Population and Composition:
All female - occupancy = 425 residents, predominantly first- and secondary-year undergraduates.  Stockwell Hall is named after Madelon Louise Stockwell, the first woman admitted to the University.

Resident Staff Size, Composition, Special Features:
2 Resident Directors, 10 Resident Advisors, 1 Head Librarian, 1 Minority Peer Advisor , 1 Resident Computer Systems Consultant, 1 Academic Peer Advisor.

Student Government/House Council/Minority Councils:
House Council is comprised of representatives from each of the ten corridors.  There are four executive officers - President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary.  There are also several standing committees - social, residence hall improvements, etc. - chaired by non-representatives selected by the officers.

Multicultural Council: Students in Stockwell Transmitting Ethnic Relations (S.I.S.T.E.R.) is the minority organization for residents in Stockwell.  The Rosa Parks Lounge is the central meeting, social and recreational facility for S.I.S.T.E.R. and its members.  S.I.S.T.E.R. sponsors various social, educational and recreational programs throughout the year.

Special Corridor/House Arrangements:
There are ten corridors in Stockwell.  The building is divided into two halves: the "5" side, and the "0" side.  There are four corridors, which have approximately 20 residents, and the remaining six have approximately 60 residents.

In addition, there is a substance-free area in the building; 74 substance-free spaces, 349 non-smoking spaces.

Special Facilities:
5 Kitchenettes with a stove/range, ironing boards, sinks and some have microwaves.
Sunroof overlooking Palmer Athletic Field.

Micro-Computer Cluster:
There are currently 8 Macintosh computers and a Laserwriter.  The cluster is unmonitored.  Residents use their ID to scan into the cluster.

Study Space Description:
6 cozies (small lounges), The Rosa Parks Lounge, The Blue Lounge, Cross Library and 1-5 Conference Room.

Meeting Space:
1-5 Conference Room, The Blue Lounge, The Rosa Parks Lounge.

The Cross Library provides a wide range of resources and services to the residents of Stockwell, including magazines, books, newspapers, records, CDs, videotapes, old exam file and access to MIRLYN (Computerized card catalogue of the University of Michigan Libraries).  The Library holds social and educational programs throughout the year.

Professional Staff in Building:
On-site Dining Services and Facilities Managers.  Staff supervised by the   Coordinator of Residence Education (CORE): Office Coordinator, secretary, student temporary employees, and security officers.

Completed in 1940 at a cost of $1 million, Stockwell Hall is an all-female residence.  Named after Madelon Louisa Stockwell ('82), the first woman admitted to the University in 1880, Stockwell Hall is situated on the corner of "The Hill", which affords it a beautiful view of Palmer Field and the city.

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