Couzens Hall

1200 East Ann Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2050
General Information:  (734) 764-2130
Facsimile:  (734) 764-6820

Location:  Hill Area

Meal Serving Unit:  Yes

Extended Hours:  No

Breakfast Served:  No

Resident Population and Composition:
600 predominantly first- and second-year undergraduates.

Resident Staff Size, Composition, Special Features:
2 Resident Directors, 1 Minority Peer Advisor, 1 Academic Peer Advisor, 1 Head Librarian, 14 Resident Advisors, 1 Resident Computer Systems Consultant.

Student Government/House Council/Minority Councils:
The Couzens House Council is financed per resident dues and meets weekly to plan and coordinate hall-wide activities. C.A.M.E.O. (Couzens Active Minority Ethnic Organization) represents students of color in Couzens who share common interests and who seek to make residents aware of multicultural concerns and issues of diversity.

Special Corridor/House Arrangements:
120 substance-free rooms, 372 non-smoking rooms.

Academic Programs:
In recent years, the Couzens resident staff has had a particular focus on bringing educational programming into Couzens for the benefit of residents, including cultural awareness programs, and programs concerning stress management, intercultural communication, safe sex, political teach-ins, Musical Society events, and LSA Academic advisory.

Special Facilities:
The C.A.M.E.O. lounge, 2 music practice rooms, a game room, and the Couzens dining hall are located on the building's ground floor, in the 1200 wing.  The 5100 hall houses a dark room, and the 2400 corridor serves as the main television lounge for the building.

The Couzens Hall Library provides a wide range of resources and services to the residents of Couzens, including magazines, books, newspapers, records, CDs, videotape, old exams file and access to MIRLYN, the computerized card catalogue of the University of Michigan Libraries.  The library holds social and educational programs throughout the year.

Micro-Computer Cluster:
20 work stations, 14 Macintosh computers, 6 Windows PC, 1 Laserprinter, and 1 scanner.

Study Space Description:
 Study space in Couzens consists of the Living Room, hall lounges on each floor, a smaller study room on the 2300 corridor, and the Couzens Library.  Study Hall is 8pm-1am, Sunday through Thursday in the dining hall.

Meeting Space:  The Living Room and Couzens Library.

Public Area Space:
Each floor has a lounge where residents can relax, watch TV or study.  The Couzens Game Room, adjacent to the dining hall, also offers space for ping-pong, pool and video games.

Special Traditions:
C.A.M.E.O. continues to serve as a peer support group for Couzens' multicultural student population and conducts cultural/race awareness programs for the benefit of all residents.

Special Programs/Opportunities:
Couzens' location at the north end of Palmer Field, its proximity to the University's commuter bus line, the CCRB and tennis courts make it an ideal location for many students.  The Couzens' Volunteer in the Community Programs provide volunteer information and opportunities for our residents.

Professional Staff in Building:
On-site Facilities and Dining Services Managers.  Staff supervised by Coordinator of Residence Education:  Office Coordinator, part-time office assistant and student temporary employees.

Couzens Hall was built in 1926 to house female nursing students.  James Couzens, a United States Senator from Michigan, donated the $600,000 necessary to complete the residence hall, which is located next to the medical campus.  The facility remained exclusively female until the '69-'70 academic year, when it became co-educational.

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