Betsey Barbour Hall

420 South State Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1328
General Information:  (734) 764-1162

Location:  Central Campus

Meal Serving Unit:  Yes (Barbour)

Extended Hours: No

Breakfast Served:  No

Resident Population and Composition:
Barbour/Newberry: Approximately 240 students: 100% Female; 70% First-year.

Resident Staff Size, Composition, Special Features:
Barbour/Newberry: 1 Resident Director, 5 Resident Advisors, 1 Minority Peer Advisor Assistant, 1 Head Librarian, 1 Resident Computer Systems Consultant.

Student Government/House Council/Minority Councils:
A'subuhi Minority Council (Includes West Quadrangle, Barbour, and Newberry)
9 House Councils: 2 all houses (B/N Council and WQBN Council)
Annual budgets range from $2000-$5000, depending upon individual house dues (voted upon by residents).

Special Facilities:
Betsey Barbour: Private dining room, Kitchenette.
Helen Newberry: Dance/exercise room, library.

Special Corridor/House Arrangements:
Barbour Hall: All female, 1 substance-free corridor, several smoking rooms.
Newberry Hall: All female, 1 substance-free corridor.

Academic Programs:
Academic advisor available 1 day per week for Barbour/Newberry (in Barbour).

Micro-Computer Cluster:
Barbour/Newberry: 3 work stations: Mac Plus; Imagewriter.

Study Space Description:
Most houses have at least 1 common lounge for studying, relaxation, or TV; large study area in West Quadrangle, libraries.

Meeting Space:
3 public use rooms with reservation & clearance through CORE's office (at least four weeks in advance).

Public Area Space:
Large lounge, concourse with vending machines, laundry facilities, pinball area.

Special Programs/Opportunities:
Work available at Front Desk, Dining Services and Facilities.

Professional Staff in Building:
On-site Dining Services, Facilities managers, and Coordinator of Residence Education. Residence Hall staff consists of: Office Coordinator, secretary, desk clerk, 48 resident staff, and 25 student temporary employees.

Costing nearly $220,000 to build in 1920, Betsey Barbour Hall was a gift from a former U-M Regent, Levi L. Barbour, in memory of his mother.  Mr. Barbour decided that the University required new housing after one of his sponsored students from China died with tuberculosis, which she acquired as a result of inadequate campus living conditions.  Like Newberry Hall - its sister hall, Barbour began as and continues to be an all-female residence.

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