Next Steps

The Goal:  By mid-April, it is hoped to be able to do the following:
  • Analyze neighborhood patterns within Grand Rapids using a combination of assets and needs-based data
  • Develop a prototype index of neighborhoods based on a fusion of the data sets that can be used for community development decisions
  • Identify an interesting subset of neighborhoods
  • Visualize the data through animation
To Do:  The following are the anticipated next steps:
  • Reduce data sets to cover Grand Rapids only
  • View data on a census block level
  • Aggregate point data sets up to blocks
  • Disaggregate block group data to the block level
  • Develop a binary segmentation of each data set
  • Create a single index of the multiple data sets
  • Identify blocks that receive a certain score on this index
  • Animate Grand Rapids patterns based on multiple data sets
 Questions or comments can be directed to Marc Schlossberg.