How Can I Demonstrate that Industrial Pollution is one of the Causes of Asthma?
        This GIS study is one part of a three-part project attempting to demonstrate that industrial pollution does cause asthma.  This is not to say that only industrial pollution causes asthma but simply that industrial pollution is one of the causal factors of asthma.  This GIS project is the first phase of the project and it demonstrates a spatial correlation between industrial pollution and asthma prevalence.  The second phase of the project is a time-series analysis which is hoped to show a temporal correlation between high pollution levels and time periods of high numbers of asthma cases at Oakwood Hospital.  This phase of the project is concurrently underway.  The third phase of the project is an EPA approved air pollution model of industrial pollution in the Detroit/Dearborn area.  This phase of the project we hope to have underway by the end of the summer of 1999.

The results from the GIS study indicate a high degree of clustering in the Dearborn area.  This brings about serious concern for the people living in this area.  The Dearborn area has one of the largest communities of Arab Americans in the United States.  Further research needs to be done to determine if the Arab Americans are disproportionately impacted by the industrial pollution in the Dearborn area.

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