The Definition of Multi-Family Land Use:
      • Multi-family land use here refers to the following land use categories of SEMCOG's land use coverages: (1) multi-family residential - medium to high rise, (2) multi-family residential - low rise, and (3) mobile home park.
      • Multi-family residential - medium to high rise includes all multi-family and apartment structure of four or more stories and generally containing an average gross density of 20 or more dwelling units per acre (50 or more per hectare). Included are apartments, condominiums, and the like whether in complexes or as single structures. When mapping this category, include lawns, parking areas and small area recreational facilities such as basketball or tennis court built on the site.
      • Multi-family residential -  low rise is similar to that of medium to high rise except that it is for structures of 3 or less stories and contains an average gross density of up to 19 dwelling units per acre. Duplexes are not included in this category, but townhouses are.
      • Mobile home park includes groupings of three or more homes and related service structures and recreational spaces.


What do you see?
      • Slide1: Most of the multi-family land use before 1985 was located in downtown Detroit, Lincoln Park and Southgate to the south and Dearborn Hts., Redford, and Livonia to the southwest of the city of Detroit.
      • Slide2: Most of the new multi-family land use between 1985 and 1995 was located just north to the city of Detroit, southern Ann Arbor, and around some highway interchanges.



What do you see?
      • Almost all of the new multi-family land use between 1985 and 1995 is covered by the sewer zone of 1995.