Data Sources: 

MCD and school districts boundary layers and  
land use coverages as well as Sewer zones and major roads coverages were requested from SEMCOG. Ad Valorem Property Tax Levy Reports in 1985, 1990, 1992, 1993 , 1994, and 1995 were obtained from State Tax Commission. Data in Bulletin 1014 from 1985 to 1995 were received from the Department of Education and some data are available from its website. The assessment value based on school districts will be requested from the State Tax Commission. Samples of household tax bills will be requested from County Assessors’ Office. Other independent variables, such as population and income level, the number of jobs and household, and the number of children, can be attained from the 2020 Regional Development Forecast Technical Report of SEMCOG conducted in March 1997. 

Data Manipulation: 

Land use change data based on MCD and school district boundaries need to be generated by GIS manipulation. Other data need to be input and compiled in a database and used to calculate the dependent variables and other independent variables.